Sunday, September 20, 2009

We are official homeowners! We got the keys to our house on Thursday and we have been working ever since. We wanted to paint the entire house before we moved in because every wall was a different color...yellow, orange, green, periwinkle, maroon, etc. It was hideous! I knew painting a house was a big job...especially for two people and to do it in a weekend. But we were determined! Ok, Josh was more determined than me. I didn't think it would be that bad, but it was. I got SO sick of painting:) We started after work on Thursday and didn't finish until late Sunday night. We didn't even stop to eat, sleep, sit down, etc. The only breaks we got were going to the paint store for more supplies. I cherished those breaks:) On Saturday I quit. I had enough. I went home around 11...we worked ALL day so I thought that was good enough, but Josh stayed until 3 a.m. He is a real trooper. I have never seen anyone work so hard! He didn't even complain once...but I guess I complained enough for both of us:) In the end it was worth it, the house looks amazing! Talk about an Extreme Home Makeover! Look at those colors! You may need sunglasses they are so bright. The dining room, we were tempted to keep these colors..ha! We had to tape off everything!! The basement living room. We used 11 gallons of primer in the house! Josh using the spray gun! The Dust Bowl! The spray gun went fast but made it hard to breath! Josh is the MAN! We had new carpet put in our basement yesterday. It looks great! I will post before and after pictures soon! We cleaned up the place last night so we are moving in tonight. The work never ends, but we are excited to have a home!

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