Sunday, September 20, 2009

"PICKLEBALL" A senior sport! Pickleball seems to be grabbing SeniorCitizens everywhere like Cocaine and Free Love grabbed them decades earlier. It is debated on the courts what sport is growing faster Pickleball or Paddle Tennis but let no Senior be fooled Pickleball is here to stay. With masses of SeniorCitizens flooding to courts from Sea to Shining Sea. I have heard about this craze for some time and have never witnessed this thing taking our SeniorCitizens by storm. On Christmas we took a family trip to play and witness this sport first hand. We visted the Meadow Vista Pickleball Club. We had a great time, even though there was one racquet/paddle broke, some slight tempers flairing, but fun was had by one and all this day at the Meadow Vista Pickleball Club. Many thanks for the hospitality of the Meadow Vista Pickleball Club. For more information about Pickleball checkout this link.

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