Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fun Filled Fourth Ben, Whit, and Matt came to Utah for the 4th weekend. We had a great time! The fun never stopped! On Friday we went down to the Dewey's to celebrate the 4th. We spent most of the day outside at the pool. It was HOT so I am glad we were able to cool off in the water. The first time I met Lincoln he warned me about these basketball games they play in the pool every summer..bloody noses, bruises, kicking, scratching, etc. I guess it is the Lichty tradition. Well, it didn't sound too fun for me so I tried to read my book and relax...but I ended up watching the game because it got pretty intense. Josh and Ben took on Lincoln, Whit, and Matt. Forget about being a loving family, it was war!! I have never seen anything like this. Luckily, I had my camera. I got some great action shots! Josh and Ben trying to strip the ball from Whitney. Where is the Lichty Love??? Nice Shot! My husband the STUD! Matt wasn't about to let Ben get away! Vicious, Vicious, Whitney! Don't make her mad! Lincoln grabbing Josh by the neck! Still fighting for the ball! I am not sure who won the game...the team with the most points or the team with the least amount of injuries? I think everyone got some good scratches, bruises, kicks, punches, etc. At the end of the day everyone still got along! It was all in good fun! The game of Summer 08! And I did attempt to play on Saturday...but I think they went easy on me:) I still have a couple bruises though! We did get some good R and R in too! We had a BBQ, let off some fireworks, watched a movie, etc. Ben on the slide. Me and Joshua! Don't worry we were protecting our retinas! The Lichty Boys! Josh and Matt on the Tramp! Nice Catch! The Gang! Matt, Lincoln, Ben, Whit, Josh, and Me The Best 4th of July Ever!

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