Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Night with the Aubers Last night we had a special guest at our house...the one and only Aubers! Crissy and Kevin wanted a night out on the town so of course we offered to watch Aubrey! When she arrived Josh was still at work so she kept asking me, "Where did Josh go?" And then she found his hat so she kept saying..."Josh's Hat!" She even wore it for awhile. When Josh got home the fun began. He is great at entertaining kids! We had cereal for dinner, but Aubrey was still hungry so we made her a cheese quesidilla. She loved it! She polished off the first one, so we made her another one...this time she fed some to Josh. And then we all shared a cinnamon/sugar quesidilla. Aubrey liked the sweet treat! After dinner, we played some more, but then mommy and daddy came to pick up the little one. We had a great night!! Thanks for the fun Aubers!

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