Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunny Saturday On Saturday we went on a short hike to Ensign Peak to enjoy the beautiful weather. Forest and Ivy have never been up there so we wanted to show them a great view of Salt Lake City. Josh is trying to convince them to move here once Forest is done with his PhD at the University of Illinois. I don't think they are sold just yet, but we had a great time! The flowers were in full bloom and the view was amazing! After hiking, we met Crissy, Kevin, Aubrey and Connor at Sugarhouse Park for a picnic. We sprawled out the blankets and had a feast. Aubrey wasn't focused on the food, she just wanted to play! She loved the swings, slide, kids, and the doggies! Josh had to chase her quite a few times, but I think he had fun running around. They are buddies. Connor was awake for a little while, but then he decided to take a nice nap under the tree! What a cutie! We spent a couple of hours at the park. It was the perfect day to be outside with the family.

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