Sunday, September 20, 2009

My normal blogs I usually try to keep more humorous and what is going on in my life of fun and entertainment. I wanted to say a little about Voting Democrat in 2008 and more about being Mormon and Democrat. It seems many Mormons have really taken to the republican’s side and I believe this is due to one issue. That issue is abortion. Abortion has not been on the Democratic platform since 2000. According to the DNC the democrats platform on abortion in 2000 was this, “Democrats stand behind the right of every woman to choose. We believe it is a constitutional liberty. This year’s Supreme Court ruling show us that eliminating a woman’s right to choose is only one justice away. Our goal is to make abortion more rare, not more dangerous. We support contraceptive research, family planning, comprehensive family life education, and policies that support healthy childbearing.” While an official platform has not been wrote for 2008 due to the lack of an elected representative for our party, check out this website and see some of the main issues. While I do not agree with abortion whatsoever I do have the same belief as the L.D.S. church’s stance on abortion, which is stated below. "The Church opposes abortion and counsels its members not to submit to or perform an abortion except in the rare cases where, in the opinion of competent medical counsel, the life or good health of the mother is seriously endangered or where the pregnancy was caused by rape and produces serious emotional trauma in the mother. Even then it should be done only after counseling with the local presiding priesthood authority and after receiving divine confirmation through prayer." With this is mind the church does not wish to totally outlaw abortion. What the church would like to do is eliminate abortion except when the health and safety of the mother is in jeopardy, and rape. In the statement from 2000 DNC states they wish to make abortion more rare. So if you are voting purely on the fact that you think republicans are more moral than democrats please re-evaluate your beliefs and consider the democratic party. I do not believe it is wrong to be a republican but I do believe many people including democrats vote on one issue, usually being uninformed or under informed about that issue. I also would put myself in the under informed category of most issues. I am always looking for more knowledge. Here is why I am a Mormon Democrat. I feel like Senate Majority leader Harry Reid, "My faith and political beliefs are deeply interwined. I'm a Democrat because I am a Mormon, not inspite of it." . I also am a democrat because I am a Mormon. The best way I can put this is that I believe I am my brother’s keeper. This is in reference to when the Lord is Speaking to Cain after he murdered his brother and Able (Genesis 4:9, Moses 5:34). I believe I should be a support to help invoke hope and love to my fellow man. Many conservatives believe that they should not be told where to spend their hard earned money, an understandable belief. Meaning paying taxes, and not wanting to help feed, employ, educate, and medicate, anyone they don’t feel deserve it. They are frustrated with people who take advantage of the system and who don’t work hard for their money. Sure people take advantage; some people don’t work as hard as others, but for me, I believe we still need to take care of these individuals at a minimal and sustainable standard. People may get more than they deserve and take advantage but we live in a fallen world and Hope is often lost and I truly believe we need to have these social programs to help and encourage hope in all of my fellow citizens. This is why I am a Mormon Democrat. This is also why I also believe it is so important to Vote Democrat in 2008. Help build the hope of all Fellow Americans and Vote Democrat in 2008.

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