Sunday, September 20, 2009

NIGHT HIKE/ TRAIL RUN/ SCRAMBLE Monday night Maria left a little earlier than normal to catch up on some rest because of our great weekend which we did nothing but go, go, go. We had a great time with each other preparing for our big day! So Maria went home about 8:00 PM so I decided to go for a little trail run which turned into a hike which then turned into a scramble. I ended up summiting the rocky ridge system above Red Butte Reservoir. It was beautiful. I love night hiking and recommend it to all assuming you go prepared. Last night I did plan on being in the dark but did not take into consideration the Mountain Lion factor. I did not see a Mountain Lion and realize Mountain Lion attacks are very very very rare. Today I did a little research on the Internet and don't know how reliable the sources are but I found a few places which said there have only been about 50 Mountain Lion attacks since the 1970's in the US. Which mostly means the Mountain West and California. As I was scrambling down this ridge I came across literally steaming fresh Mountain Lion Dung! I have never been so concerned hiking. As I swiftly made my way down the mountain I took a slight wrong turn. I know this area extremely well and have spent hundreds of hours in this area, but it is a different story at night. I was also in a hurry because I knew there was a Mountain Lion out there somewhere in the near proximity. Well I made it out fine but I have learned my lesson. Night hiking rules #1 Never Hike alone! #2 Carry Bear Mace! #3 Don't rush and get off course! There are probably more things I should take into consideration but after last night these are what I feel are the most important as of today!

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